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Malaysian parliament has been dissolved and the polling day has been decided to be on the 5th of May 2012. While the government parti, Barisan Nasional (National Coalition) still keeping mum regarding the name of the candidate, the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat or PR (People's Pact) are facing problem to decide on the election nominees. 

However, even when the campaign has not begun officially, the quarrels between People Justice Party, Islamic Party and Democratic Action Party is already getting worse. 

After the PR has been rocked with series of their leader's,Anwar Ibrahim's scandal video images, now a new scandalous video showing a man resembles the PAS Secretary General, Mustafa Ali,  of having sex with a women has been surfaced. A number of pro-government bloggers have revealed a clip and also snapshots of the alleged scandal video. Blogger have revealed that two men, the member of PKR's youth wing have been detained by the police together with some DVD copies alleged to be containing Mustafa Ali video. 

This must probably the worst start for PAS to prepare for their upcoming General Election.


  1. Rubbish that PKR did it...only UMNO loves sex scandal

  2. hope all don't addict on eroticism, create eroticism video/photo and don't use sex eroticism details/appearance/posture to pollute public mind become sex mania,don't use sex word and sexual assault to harm everyone, don't use eroticism to bad teach other,don't become sex girl & man alway make love to enjoy,it not good ,may harm ownself and other and encourge dirty sex relationship!!!it hell sin...let learn to being good manner suft alway purify heart and do more buddha affair,future become buddha,don't implement no-benefit activity.thank you !!!

  3. kekeke... tu la kwn lagi dgn org yg xbetul... jadi xbetul la ko... mak ayah dah pesan kalau kwn dgn org baik jadi baik kwn dgn kaki sex jadi kaki sex la.

  4. Stopa Ali loves MILF! Fuck Stopa Ali...Fuck PAS!

  5. If you dont eat durian, dont say durian disgusting~

    Hope PAS remember this lesson, next time dont talk about the islamic rules.

  6. It enough to say the video is just another slander from UMNO?

    If this is acceptable, then any John Doe who is recorded fucking any woman or man will say like this and escape..what happen if the same thing happens to your family??


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