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2013 has just already started, but one girl should feel lucky this new year she suddenly became popular and famous!!

Well I'm talking about Nelydia Senrose, a very young cute and of course talented actress which is now climbing the stairs of fame through her TV series Setia Hujung Nyawa or SHN (Till Death Do Us Part) which is now aired on TV3. Young and cute but looks mature, she seems to have that X-factor that could drive her extra miles in entertainment business. Still studying in a private universities in the city, Nelydia should feel lucky that her main role in SHN has caught the attention of viewers all over Malaysia.

Prior to that, Nelydia has also involved in another hit drama Adam & Hawa which stars Aaron Aziz, buat as a supporting role. Only through the SHN series, with the main role as Ersalina that shot her name to stardom. 

We wish Nelydia the very best of luck!

Nelydia's profile:

Name: Nik Zaris Nelydia Senrose Nik Sen
Commercial Name: Nelydia Senrose
DOB: 30 July 1994
Family: 3rd from 7 siblings
Parentage: Thai-Kelantan
Academic: Sekolah Menengah USJ 13, Subang Jaya
Drama/Telemovie: Spa Q 1 dan 2, Spa Qistina, Sirah Cinta, Datin Wannabe, Biru Cinta Di Laguna, Hati Seorang Perempuan, Khalifah, Anak Aku Artis, Syah Jihan, Pak Suman, Iqra', Ahmad Durrah,Mistik Alam Hitam, Segenggam Api Secangkir Pelangi, Puaka Bunga Tanjung,Friday I’m in Love, Chef Cinta and many more...


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