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Puteri Sarah..stars in the latest Malaysian martial art flick, Halilintar (Thunderbolt)

Compared to Thailand or even Indonesia, Malaysia is pretty much lack behind in terms of good martial art based movies. As we already know Thailand is popular with their Ong-Bak movies, that made Tony Jaa the new Jackie Chan. Indonesia are well known to the Malaysian audience with martial arts movies back in the 80s and 90s with movies starred the then Indonesian superstars like Barry Prima and Advent Bangun. For some reason they stopped producing such movies in the late 90s (or did not find any success at that time). However, the success of silat exponent turned actor Iko Uwais through Merantau Warriors kickstarts Indonesian interest martial art movies.

2013 could be the time for Malaysian entertainment to embark on the martial art-based movies with the upcoming actioner Halilintar (Thunderbolt). Not much to be known about the movie though, but based on the trailer (shown below), Halilintar does not just boasts martial arts, but also special effects that made this movie also in the fantasy genre. A movie that I think had similar genre was Haq (2011) and it bombed miserably. Will Halilintar becomes a success story? We'll see....Enjoy the trailer below...


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