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Her name is quite unique even by the Malaysian standard, but her beauty could weakened any men's heart. Emma Maembong is a new name in Malaysian entertainment industry. She got the package: beauty and talent; and she is now climbing the stairs of success in the entertainment industry. Focused more on acting, Emma have quite a number of TV dramas under he belt including with Erma Fatima on "Kau Yang Terindah" that shot her name into stardom. Prior to that she involved in a TV series called "Facebook Ustazah Shamsiah" and now Emma is currently working on another TV series, Rindu Rania.

with fellow actress Neelofa

having fun with director, Erma Fatima

Her name suddenly explode after her intimate and sexy pictures with her boyfriend surfaced on the net. She is also labelled as being undisciplined by the press as she was claimed to always having problem to be on time on the set. She then apologized to the public regarding her behavior and said the picture were pictures with her old flames.

Born to a Malay father who happens to be a National Painter, Ismail Embong, Emma is from a mixed parentage with her Scottish mother.

Emma has such a long way to go in the industry and she has a very bright future ahead. All the best, Emma Maembong!


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