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The influx of pan-asian artist continues in the Malaysian entertainment scene. Young, beautiful and talented, a woman by the name Cristina Suzanne Stockstill who is Malay-German parentage is slowly building her name here in Malaysia. Sceptics might say that this girl would only sell her good looks to get acting jobs in tv dramas or movies, but her excellent display in a television series "Bicara Hati" (The Talk of Love) has shot her name into stardom. 

Cristina had also involved in the movie scene, especially indies. She already have two indie movies under her belt; Kil (2011) and My Indie Rock Darling (2006). Many would not realized that  Cristina  was actually a product of a reality-tv acting talent programme Pilih Kasih. This is due to the stage name that she used during the program was different; Kristina Cempaka.  Cristina has a long way to go in the entertainment industry, but with her good looks and talent, she will be among the most-sought actress in no time! 

We wish  Christine  all the best in her career!


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