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Izara Aishah is just like any normal 20 years old girl but she is now the new star of Malaysian entertainment.Started off with the second place victory in the Goddess of Youth (Dewi Remaja) in 2009, Izara currently is adored by fans especially the viewers of the hit drama series Vanilla Coklat (Vanilla Chocolate).

She paired with a newcomer Aiman Hakim who eventually coming from a singing reality show. Hailed from Johor Bahru, this young lass has the all the ingredient to be the next star; looks and most importantly talent. Although she has just started her career, she started it with a bang.

Real Name: Izara Aishah Hisham
DOB: 28 September 1992
Age: 20 tahun
Zodiac Libra
Hometown: Bakar Batu, Johor Bahru
Family: Eldest of three siblings
Achievement: 2nd place in Dewi Remaja 2009/2010
Drama/Telemovie: Kasih Najiha Hantu Gigi, Keranamu Laila, Masih Membara Cintaku, Selumbar Kasih, Jejaka J, Cikaro, Soffiya, Pusing Beraya, Soffiya and Vanila Coklat.


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