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Izreen Azminda: Malaysia's Gemma Arterton?

Ok, Gemma Arterton is not a household name in Malaysia...or she may not be (just yet) even in Hollywood or in the UK. But, she showed her talent in the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time movie by playing her part as Princess Tamina alongside Jake Gyllenhaal as the hero, Prince Dastan. She continued her career in another big budget movie, Clash of the Titan, and this time she played the character of Io, who guided the hero Perseus (played by Sam Worthington) to defeat the Hades.
Ok back here in Malaysia, we also have an actress that had also enjoyed a very much increasing popularity and surprisingly she does looks like Gemma Arterton! She is none other than Izreen Azminda. Currently, she is as hot as a goreng pisang (Fried Banana!) when she is always seen in drama series one after another in the Malaysian tele. She got her break into the TV by being host of teen documentary, In Trend. She rose to stardom when she act in the drama Isabella playing the villain alongside Malaysia's most popular actor Rosyam Noor. Then she continued to involved in popular drama series which include Juvana and Stanza Cinta.



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