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Nur Fathia: Beauty with Brain

Nur Fathia is another new young actress to embrace the Malaysian entertainment industry. The difference between her and the other actor and actresses is that, not just beautiful, but she is an intelligent girl. Currently she is taking undergraduate study in law. Her name shot to fame when she plays minor role alongside Tiz Zaqyah in the Nur Kasih series and then she became a household name after her excellent display as a lead actress in drama series, Hani.

She is of mixed parentage, that gave her the beauty that could turn any blokes' head! She is now popular with the drama series Stanza Cinta, currently showing on TV3!

Fathia (right) with Memey

Real Name: Nur Fathia Abd Latiff
DOB: 1 September 1987
Place of Birth: Ayer Hitam, Pulau Pinang
Family: The eldest of four
Ambition: Lawyer and actor
Education: Currently pursuing Bachelor Degree in Law at the UiTM, Selangor.
Drama and telemovie: Joe & Faridah, Nur Kasih, Dunia Batinku, Di Bawah Ketiak Isteri, Bila Musang Berjanggut
TV Adverts: Sunsilk, Nespray, Brylcream, Hotlink, Perodua, Panasonic
She has never act in a movie before, but hey, I think she will definitely receive loads of movie offers in no time!

Fathia in one of her TV ads


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  2. alamak, Nampak tetek Fathia

  3. nmpak tetek NurFathia yg medium size,


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