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Neelofa: Latest Malaysian siren!!

Neelofa is a new name in Malaysian entertainment industry. She starts her career by joining a local beauty competition, "Dewi Remaja" or literary means Youth Goddess last year. Eventually she managed to win the competition and the rest was history.

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neelofa in dewi remaja (literally means youth goddess)

She then signed with KRU studios to be the host in the company's entertainment show, Paparazi. The show is created only for the online content of the company, KRU TV. Yes, now KRU has broaden their business by investing on online contents. Not just beautiful and sexy, she also has entrepeneurship talent. She has an online business that focuses on ladies shoes. She also has her own brand for ladies shoes; Lofa.

For more info about her shoes business you can go to She also has a Facebook account, go to

Shahz Jaszle and Neelofa in Azura

Neelofa will be seen in a new movie "Azura". Azura is actually a remake of the 1980's hit movie of the same name. At that time, Jamal Abdillah played the lead role along with Malaysian Diva Ogy Ahmad Daud. In the new version, the lead is played by Shahz Jaszle(pronounced Jezel), also a new actor, popular with hit TV series, Asmara on TV3.


Sexy, beautiful, and hot, what else do guys want from a girl? Neelofa has all the character that could melt any men's heart. Although she has long way to go to be successful, she is already on the right track to become one of the best in Malaysian entertainment industry.

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  1. wah tetenya gede yah, kalo buat netek enak banget tuh

  2. tetek ko besau sial......kalau nyonyot mmg xpenah kenyang....berayun ni.....

  3. she's gorgeous. that's all i can say.

  4. mantop!!!budok pasir mah ni weh...

  5. try test tgk.. lubng besar doh 2.. haha

  6. masa menang Dewi Remaja kecik jer tetek tu....pastu asyik kena uli ...besar jugak

  7. subahanallah...indahnya ciptaan tuhan, nikmatnya tak terkata kalau siapa yang dapat..

  8. Huh..puting mesti kaler koko lagi nehh...hakhakhak...tajammm jekkk bentuk dia

  9. Kalau aku dapat , syok habbisss

  10. besau lepas dewi remaja.. hmm di ulike atau di plastic surgeri.. membuat aku terfikir jugak


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